Each company represents a lifetime achievement. Nevertheless it will sooner or later become subject to transfer. The reasons can be many: no successors, time for new horizon's, market shift, "an offer you can't refuse", ...

 Whatever the reason, it concerns an undertaking with many aspects: preparation for sale, valuation, search for the right buyers, negotiating the optimal conditions, evaluation of proposals, waterproof contracts, secure the secrecy of the contacts,  …

Not surprisingly this means 'terra incognita' for many entrepreneurs. In itself not a problem as long as one seeks the proper assistance.

Since 2001 is MNA intensively involved in every aspect of the sale of a company and knows like no other the success factors for a qualitative sale.

  • First of all, there is the know how of the technical aspects as there are valuation, drafting the investment memorandum, tactics in negotiation, contracts, deal financing, ... The partners of MNA all have the right background and training in these matters.
  • Not to forget is the extensive experience to make the negotiations result in the best conditions appearing on the table. It starts with identifying the right candidates with the best  reasons and motifs. It ends with the acceptance of a bid that reveals the best possible conditions. In between is a range of creatives solutions that enlarge the cake for both sides.
  • Identifying motivated buyers requires a sound understanding of business models and knowledge of business sectors. But it also requires an extensive network that thinks together with us.
  • Each sale always is a project, and like any other project, it can only succeed with good project management. MNA assumes this role and guarantees an ongoing process with dynamism.
  • A succesfull sale takes place in silence. It has become our second nature to achieve discretion with all possible means.
  • The road may not always be easy. But drive and commitment guarantee the intented result.


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