Sell Your Business?

Early preparation is crucial. Our audit is an excellent start.


Someday the moment comes where you want to sell your business. And preferably in a smooth way and on good terms and conditions. But afterwards it often turns out that it could have been better. Why? In many cases the cause is a lack of preparation.

That is why we advise you to start preparing in early time. In time means at least 3 to 5 years before the actual sale. Even better is to start today. Should  an interested buyer suddenly appear on your doorstep, you can start serious conversations right away. What is the best way to prepare? We will help you with our audit.

How do we proceed?

As MNA, we have been assisting and advising entrepreneurs in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions for more than twenty years. So we know how to prepare you and your company for a sale. We tackle an audit in the following way.

We analyse the figures for the past 3 financial years, which gives an initial estimate of value, and make a more in-depth analysis:

  • What are the strong and less strong points?

  • What question marks and objections will be raised by a potential buyer and how do we counter them?

  • Which types of buyers can be expected and how do they match with the company?

The analysis highlights the important points that will influence future conditions and on which work can still be done.

An annual review of these important points, combined with the most recent figures, will automatically reveal how the estimated value evolved and thus what progress was made.

It is crucial to look at the company from a buyer's perspective. A potential buyer will look at your company through different glasses. Where you see opportunities, he/she rather sees risks. And these risks, whether real or imagined, largely determine the price he/she is willing to pay for your company. So we find out what risks a buyer will raise so that these can be addressed in advance.

At the end of the journey, we define an exit strategy and action plan to realise your sale in the short or long term, depending on your objectives.

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