Company transfer or acquisition

MNA helps the client with the entire transfer process (for the seller) or acquisition process (for the buyer), from the preparation until the closing of the deal.


(MNA advises the seller)

  • Valuation of the company based on historical figures, budget and other elements of the company.
  • Drafting of a well considered information memorandum with all relevant elements.
  • Defining the type of buyers that can be considered: trade buyers, private equity or managament buy-in candidates.
  • A list of potential buyers is being drafted based on publicly available information: activities, financial data, acquisition history, etc.
  • The potential buyers are being approached directly in order to know their motivation, strategy and timing.
  • Potential buyers are also being attracted indirectly via their trusted advisors (accountants, auditors, bankers, business lawyers).
  • We take care of all information exchange and follow-up with candidates to motivate them to prepare offers.
  • Offers are being negotiated in close co-operation with the owner in order to facilitate a letter of intent.

We co-ordinate the steps after the signing of the letter of intent with the necessary comptence : the audit and the drafting ofthe final agreements.STEPS OF ACQUISITION PROCESS(MNA advises the buyer)

  • Together with our cliënt, we define the profile of the target company and MNA drafts a list of possible target companies.
  • MNA contacts the candidates directly or through her extensive network, ensuring the mutual discretion until both parties show serious interest in pursuing a deal.
  • Consequently, MNA performs a valuation of the targets and drafts an Investment Memorandum.
  • The information exchange between parties is being co-ordinated by MNA.
  • We support in negoatiations from the letter of intent until the closing of the deal.